magentocom (china)

The biggest Magento E-Commerce Conference in East Asia for Merchants, Digital Managers and Business Leaders.

E-commerce Potentials in China and East Asia

Meet Leaders in the Digital Industry and Get to Know About New E-Commerce Trends and Opportunities in the Most Exciting Online Market Worldwide

Presentations, Case Studies and Networking

Listen to Presentations From Successful E-Merchants and Digital Leaders in China and East Asia, and Connect to Other Business Leaders in the After-Party Event

About magentocom (china)

What is magentocom (china)?

magentocom (china) is the largest Magento and E-Commerce related conference in China and East Asia.

This conference provides an ideal networking opportunity for business owners, online merchants, digital and E-Commerce leaders. It is a day full of insightful presentations about the status, trends and opportunities of E-Commerce in China and East Asia with valuable information from E-Commerce & digital leaders for current and aspiring E-Merchants. The conference is held once a year, and always finished with a great after-party – the perfect opportunity for networking.

Besides, this conference is fully supported by Magento Inc. / ebay, creators of Magento, the most popular E-Commerce platform worldwide of merchants of all sizes, and the Magento team from the US will give an overview of the current status and upcoming developments of the Magento E-Commerce platform.

Since when has magentocom (china) come about?

Bluecom started with the very first magentocom (china) conference in Shanghai, China in 2013. The conference received very good reviews.

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magentocom (china) 2015

magentocom (china) 2015 will be held on November 12, 2015 in Shanghai, China.

November 12th

magentocom (china) 2014

magentocom (china) 2014 was held on November 18, 2014 in Shanghai, China.

November 18th

magentocom (china) 2013

A Short Recap of the Event

November 18th


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